Magoya Kanjira Hereka is a Community based organization in Siaya County. The organization has a farm in Ugunja, Mugoya, that they intend to use to do irrigation for different kinds of foods which they would later on sell off and also grow feeds for their livestock but their main challenge was getting water from the nearby river Nzoia to the farm.

         Solar structure

After approaching Epicenter Africa with their problem, we offered a solution to supply and install a water pumping system for them that would enable them get water easily to the farm. We installed a surface pumping system from River Nzoia to the farm. With the huge size of the farm, they will use a travelling sprinkler to go round the entire farm.

Travelling Sprinkler for irrigation at the farm

The system installed will enable them  pump approximately 400,000 litres of water per day, which will enable them to grow the feeds they need and conduct any irriagation in the farm sustainably through all seasons.

Farm produce

When talking of the project, one beneficiary of Mugoya community Dr. Orodi states “The water is pumped by a 23kW solar powered surface pump system. We intend to transition peasants into landlords in Magoya. As my late father and great friend used to put it: pesa mfukoni chakula tumboni. An Eden experience coming at last. This system will be controlled and managed remotely simultaneously in Nairobi and Magoya. I cannot but just say Thank You ADONAI.”

We at Epicenter are happy when we see the communities transformed as we continue with our mission to provide sustainable power and water solutions for communities.

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