Solar Power Solutions

Africa has an abundance of solar energy. This provides a great opportunity to provide sustainable power. Our solar lighting systems, solar street lighting, power back up systems and solar water heating systems provide this solution for domestic, community and industrial applications.

As a homeowner, solar panels could provide a secure power supply that reduces both your carbon footprint and your electric bills. The need for solar lighting becomes even more apparent in off-grid areas significantly improving the quality of life.

Our solar lighting systems based on maintenance free power storage, inverter and power optimization units will provide a continuous power supply for your home, school, institution or organization.  The systems are designed to your specific need ensuring trouble free power supply in hot and cold seasons.

Solar Powered street lighting is ideal for major streets and walk ways providing both night visibility and sense of security. Solar street lighting is particularly ideal in areas where grid power is unavailable or erratic. Our street lighting units are designed complete with dusk to dawn auto controls, providing a 12hr illumination in all seasons. The units also provide good aesthetics on the roads.

Erratic power supply and outages need to be the ordinary. Our inverter-based power backup systems will provide uninterrupted power supply for your home or office. Our systems are customized for your specific power needs and hours of operation with automatic change overs between the grid power and your battery bank.

Solar Water heating

A hybrid system combines PV (solar energy) with other forms of generation such as diesel, wind and grid power. The combined form of generation will enable the system to modulate power output as a function of demand. Hybrids systems are useful in areas with a variety of forms of energy available eg. grid, solar ,wind, generator providing a constant power cost effectively. These are ideal homes, communities, institutions, water pumping and industries. Our engineers will customize a power hybrid system for you based on your power needs.