Water Pumping Solutions

Water scarcity in Africa presents a major challenge, especially to off grid areas. Epicenter provides a wide range of customized water pumping solutions for community water supply, irrigation, industrial applications, domestic and municipal supply.

Epicenter Africa supplies a wide range of water pumping equipment to meet a diverse array of solutions depending on different flow and pressure requirements. We source our selection of pumps from renowned pump manufacturers including Grundfos, Lorentz, Caprari KSB, DAB among others. The pumps can be powered by different sources of power depending on availability and cost effectiveness. Power sources will include solar energy, electricity, diesel engines and even hand operated pumps.

Solar water pumps are fast becoming the equipment of choice for pumping applications in off-grid areas that were previously powered by traditional fossil fuel generators. Our solar systems are used across the board including for community water supplies, small and large scale irrigation and swimming pools.

Our solar pumping offer reliable and sustainable solar water pumping systems for Submersible and surface water pumping applications.

With the pressure heads of up to 450m and flow capacity of up to 240m3/hr solar pumping system offers flexible designs with ability to expand the output and provision to incorporate hybrid systems utilizing solar with either grid power, generator or wind power system which allows for system automation.

Specific pumping applications include:

  • Domestic
  • Industrial
  • Community
  • Irrigation
  • Swimming pools

Electric pumping solutions are available for the following;

  • Surface pressure boosting
  • Submersible and drainage
  • Borehole pumping
  • Wastewater and Sewage
  • Swimming pools
  • Irrigation and water features

Epicenter Africa Limited offers manually operated positive displacement pumps for shallow well applications up to 90m.

They are simple to install and employ Village Level Operation and Maintenance VLOM concept.